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#DIY How To Make Your Business Website – Complete Guide

archit tiwari - 19th August 2019 - 0 comments

Let me tell you how to make your business website. I came across a lot of posts looking for website development followed by hundreds of comments creating a mere impossible task for you to choose the right path for you.

I tried to help several such requests by letting them know how can they get the best results for their Website Project.

So I decided to rather write an article about it, This will help me a lot of efforts of writing the same thing again and I can rather update the article here and it would keep updating with time.

This article will help you in two scenarios.

  1. You are starting out and have no budget for a new website and trying to get the best within a limited budget. Hiring a developer to do it for you might not be the best choice for you at this point for two reasons:
  • Low pricing Agencies and Freelance developers won’t be able to deliver you quality in that budget keeping expenses and profit margins in mind.
  • High-quality agencies and freelancer would be way out of your budget

And thus this article will help you #develop your #website yourself with minimal efforts and zero technical knowledge.

2. You have a sufficient budget to get an amazing brand presence through your website. This article will help you identify the best Agency/Freelancer for the job


How to make your business website


Here’s My Advice for the first scenario where you do not have a budget and cannot hire a nice developer to do the job. Here’s what you can do instead to get your website ready in a matter of a few hours

1. Buy a domain and Hosting


Go to Godaddy or Bigrock and book a domain of your choice. You can also use some Domain Name Suggestion Tool to find a perfect Domain name for your website. Here’s a list of tools you can use to find the right domain name and their availability both in one place.

Domain Name Suggestion Tool

2. Install WordPress with the one-click installer :

Adding detailed instructions soon


Contact me to know how to make your business website


3. Buy a theme from Envato

Adding detailed instructions soon

4. Install the theme

Adding detailed instructions soon

5. Put in content

Adding detailed instructions soon

The overall process will take you about 2-3 hours and will cost around $250 (including domain and hosting) and if you pay anyone $200-$300 for the job, you cannot expect anything good coming out of it and I am not at all saying they have unfair pricing, it is just not feasible to complete while maintaining the profits

Now, If you do have a Decent budget of let’s say $750-1000 for the website then start exploring the portfolio and check for following parameters in the websites they have developed

1. Website Load time (should be <5 secs)

You can Use Tools Like Pingdom and Google Page Insights

2. Check Website Responsiveness

74% of Users currently visit websites through their handheld devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc. Thus it is important your website looks nice on these devices.

You can use tools like Responsinator and Am I Responsive to check multiple outputs of the website in one screen

3. Url of the websites are SEO friendly

and when you shortlist the vendors from this, just pick the best one or most affordable ones.

Feel free to Reach out to me if you need further assistance.


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